Pre-procedural consultation 檢查前診症

A consultation will be arranged before colonoscopy. During the pre-procedural consultation, our doctors will: 我們會安排你在大腸鏡檢查前約見醫生:

  • Provide information about the colonoscopy examination, including the preparation and potential risks 提供大腸鏡檢查的資料,包括檢查前所需的預備及檢查的潛在風險
  • Assess your medical condition and fitness for the procedure 評估你的身體狀況是否適合檢查
  • Obtain your informed consent for the procedure 取得你的同意安排檢查
  • Prescribe bowel preparation 處方合適的清腸劑
  • Confirm the date, time and venue of the procedure and arrange logistics 確定檢查日期、時間、場地及其他安排
  • Explain and discuss with you the management arrangements in the unlikely events of major complications arising from colonoscopy examination 解釋檢查有可能帶來的併發症及處理方法
  • We may obtain your consent to take tissue sample during colonoscopy for research purpose 我們或會向你取得同意, 在檢查中抽取組織樣本作研究用途