Preparation for colonoscopy examination 大腸鏡檢查的準備

Proper bowel preparation is essential for a successful colonoscopy examination. You are advised to consume a low-residue diet for 3 days prior to the procedure. You can eat rice, noodles, white bread, lean meat and eggs. However, you should not eat high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables or whole grain.

你需要按醫生的指示徹底清理腸道, 醫生才能夠清楚檢查大腸的情況。 在檢查前三天開始進食低纖維的食物,你可進食米飯、麵條、白麵包、瘦肉或雞蛋,但要避免進食水果、蔬菜及全穀物。

You should have fluid diet the day before the procedure. You can have fat-free clear soup or broth, rice water, soya milk or sports drinks.


You will take a strong laxative to clean out the large bowel the night before the procedure. One of the most commonly used laxatives is called polyethylene glycol (PEG) solution. Your Doctor will give you on how to take the laxative. You will have frequent diarrhoea around 1-3 hours after drinking PEG. A satisfactory bowel preparation means that your bowel motion should become clear fluid and free of any solid matter. You should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

在檢查前一天的晚上, 你需要服用強效瀉藥去清理腸道。其中一種常用的瀉藥是聚乙二醇(PEG) 清腸劑, 醫生會告訴你如何服用這清瀉藥。你會在服用瀉藥大概1-3小時後開始持續腹瀉,當排出的只有水份而沒有殘渣時,即代表腸道已完全清理。你應飲大量水分以防脫水。

Remind your doctor of your medications before the examination. If you have heart disease or anemia, you may be on blood thinners (e.g. warfarin, dabigatran), antiplatelets drugs (e.g. aspirin, clopidogrel) or iron supplements. You may need to stop some of these medications temporarily before the procedure. The doctor will tell you how to adjust these medications.

如果你要長期服藥, 請在大腸鏡檢查前的診症時告訴醫生。如果你有心臟問題或貧血, 並正在服用薄血藥、抗血小板藥或補鐵劑, 在檢查前有可能需要暫停服用。醫生會告訴你這些藥是否需要在檢查前暫停服用和如何調整。