What is colonoscopy screening? 什麼是大腸鏡篩查?

Colonoscopy examination is currently the best method to screen for colorectal cancer. Doctors use a colonoscope, which is a long, thin, flexible instrument with a camera attached to its tip, to assess the inside of the colon. During colonoscopy, doctors can take tissue samples, remove colonic polyps and perform other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures if necessary.

大腸鏡檢查是現時最準確有效篩查大腸癌的方法。在檢查時, 醫生會使用大腸鏡檢測大腸內在情況, 如果有需要, 醫生會在檢查中抽取組織樣本、切除瘜肉及進行其他診斷或治療的程序。

Colorectal cancer is now the commonest cancer in Hong Kong. Almost all colon cancer develops from pre-cancerous colonic polyps, which are often asymptomatic. With screening colonoscopy and removal of colonic polyps, we can effectively prevent colorectal cancer.

大腸癌是香港現時最常見的癌症。差不多所有的大腸癌都是由大腸瘜肉形成的,而這些大腸瘜肉通常都是無症狀的。合資格接受大腸癌篩查的市民可接受大腸鏡檢查, 如果醫生在檢查中發現瘜肉並將瘜肉切除, 是可以有效地預防大腸癌。